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A Guide to Corporate Communications in the Digital Workplace

Corporate Communications

Let’s start with hello…….Companies like yours are starting to realize that communication is more than just a monthly newsletter.

In a time when we’re up against information overload inside and outside the workplace, traditional methods of communication won’t do. A modern approach to communications helps restore meaning to the messages you’re trying to send, by giving employees a chance to consume content in a contextual and interactive way.

Here’s a scary stat: We live in a world where only 13% of employees are engaged at work. It’s up to us, modern communicators, to go beyond simply disseminating information, and do our part to increase employee engagement. It’s more than just making sure people are informed. It’s about creating a culture where people feel connected to their work and invested in the growth of the business.

To start, we must enable conversations between the top and bottom of our organizations, and everywhere in between. Successful communication can steer an organization toward a more social and collaborative enterprise that succeeds from the inside out.

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